Tarama-jima (The Island of Tarama) can be found on the map 40 miles west of Miyako-jima.
It is only 9 miles to drive (or to jog) around the island and the highest point on the island is only 100 feet above sea level. It literally looks like a floating coin in the sea, with the "human population" of 1,200 yet the "cattle population" of 5,000. It is one of the most famous Wagyu producing areas in Japan.


While Tarama-jima was already well-known as one of the most famous Wagyu producing areas in Japan, Doug was astonished to find out that the trademark of "Tarama-Beef" was not yet registered! So Doug immediately seized the opportunity by filing an application with the Trademark Office of Japan, and Doug's Burger now is the proud owner of "Tarama-Beef" trademark.

"Tarama-Beef" is defined as follows:
1. Japanese black cattle;
2. Was born on the Island of Tarama;
3. Less than 36 months;
4. Either ox or heifer;
5. Raised at registered farm of Doug's Burger; and
6. Have been certified by Doug's Burger as "Tarama-Beef".